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Home Programs Decoding Nature Through Sound: Sense Impression and the Biophany

Decoding Nature Through Sound: Sense Impression and the Biophany

During the Summer of 2021, artist Zorica Kelly Markovich facilitated a series of workshops with MSVU Art Gallery engaging participants in the practice of deep listening in relation to bat ecology. Building from these workshops, Kelly has partnered with Soundwalk September and MSVU Art Gallery to bring this work to life in an interactive soundwalk. In Decoding Nature Through Sound: Sense Impression and the Biophany, Kelly has layered audio recordings from nature to create an interactive audio experience, encouraging deep listening within and without the environment. ‘Biophony’ is a term used to describe the collective voice of non-human life. This project brings together these elements within the geographical ecosystems surrounding the Mount Saint Vincent University campus, located on the Bedford Basin in Halifax. Layering what is present and absent in an augmented environment, the work intends to open minds and hearts to the possibility of interspecies cohabitation in a shared habitat.

How to Participate
This self-guided, exploratory soundwalk is hosted on Echoes, a free app that can be downloaded here. Once the app is downloaded, participants can access the soundwalk by searching “Decoding Nature Through Sound: Sense Impression and the Biophany” within the app or by scanning the QR code on posters found around campus, including one posted on MSVU Art Gallery’s side entrance (#2 on this map). Alternatively, when you open the app on campus, sounds will automatically play from your device as you move through different soundscapes, indicated by blue circles on the in-app map. Headphones are recommended to fully experience the soundwalk. Although wi-fi is available within buildings on campus, the walk includes areas that require the use of cellular data to function properly.

MSVU campus is located on a hill with some steep inclines. Parts of the soundwalk traverse uneven ground, grassy areas and rocky paths. Participants are encouraged to bring anything they need to comfortably spend time outside. Washrooms and water fountains can be accessed in campus buildings; current public health measures must be observed.

About the Artist
As a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of art, science, and technology, Zorica Kelly Markovich’s practice is one of exploration. Engaging through issues of loss, permanence, presence, and absence, Kelly draws references from biology, anthropology, and neuroscience. The core theme throughout is interconnectedness—relationships within networks, memory, and collective experiences.


Wednesday - Thursday, September 1 - 30, 2021


All Day


MSVU campus
Halifax, NS