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Interpretive Services

ASL Interpretation - MSVU Art Gallery Accessibility Icon

American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation of the exhibition description is provided on video in the Gallery for most exhibitions. These videos are also available on many exhibition pages throughout this website. ASL can be provided for all public programs, upon advance request – please contact before scheduled events to book an interpreter.

Audio Amplification - MSVU Art Gallery Accessibility Icon

Audio Amplification

Public events that include lengthy remarks or presentations will be amplified using a microphone and speakers. Disposable earplugs are available to visitors at the Gallery Attendant desk.

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Audio Companion

Audio recordings of information about exhibitions, and statements from their creators, are included with each exhibition. These recordings are available on individual exhibition pages on this website. At the Gallery, visitors are encouraged to use their own device to listen to the recordings but iPods and headphones are also available to borrow.

Closed Captions - MSVU Art Gallery Accessibility Icon

Closed Captions

Video closed captions or a transcript are provided whenever possible.

Information - MSVU Art Gallery Accessibility Icon

Gallery Attendants

A Gallery Attendant is stationed at the Gallery during open hours. Attendants can answer questions or provide information about exhibitions as well as provide assistance with navigating the space.

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Large Print

MSVU Art Gallery strives to provide large print options for exhibition texts and interpretive materials. Magnifying glasses and sheets are also available from the Gallery Attendant.

Relaxed Reception - MSVU Art Gallery Accessibility Icon

Relaxed Receptions

All MSVU Art Gallery events and receptions embrace a relaxed format unless otherwise noted. A relaxed reception is intended to create a welcoming space for all visitors, including those who benefit from a less restricted environment. There is a relaxed approach to noise and movement and visitors are encouraged to come and go as needed.

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Tactile Options

MSVU Art Gallery endeavours to include tactile components in every exhibition whenever possible.

Verbal-Description, MSVU Accessibility Icon

Verbal Description

Verbal description tours are available by request – please contact Claire at to book a guided tour.