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COVID-19 Protocol

Masks are recommended but not mandatory when visiting MSVU Art Gallery or the Mount Saint Vincent University campus. If you are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 please plan your visit for another time. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe by adhering to these guidelines and requirements.

Finding MSVU Art Gallery

MSVU Art Gallery’s main entrance is located on the ground floor of Seton Academic Centre (SAC) at Mount Saint Vincent University, 166 Bedford Highway. The SAC is visible from the main campus driveway off the Bedford Highway. Please view the map below for information about the SAC building (note: the map does not convey the topography of the campus, which is located on a hill).

Parking is free on weekends and metered on weekdays

Several bus routes stop at the university – due to frequent changes in the transit system, visitors should refer to Halifax Transit for route and accessibility details or consult Google Maps Transit

Accessible parking is available outside the SAC main entrance (see details below)

**Google Maps and MSVU Campus maps often provide directions to MSVU Art Gallery via an exterior side entrance that is not barrier-free. Please consult the information provided below for information about each entrance.**

How to get to MSVU Art Gallery
Seton Academic Centre main entrance
Art Gallery side entrance
Accessible Parking
Bus Stop
Bus Stop

1 – Seton Academic Centre main entrance
2 – Art Gallery exterior side entrance
P – Parking
A – Accessible Parking
B – Bus Stop

••• Green dotted line indicates driving paths
••• Blue dotted line indicates pedestrian paths

Entering the Gallery – Main Entrance (#1 on map)

At the entrance of Seton Academic Centre there are two sets of doors to enter the building. The doors on the right are automated and are 100 cm wide. Once inside, the Gallery’s main entrance is located to the right and straight ahead. The door at this entrance is automated for accessible entry and is 90 cm wide (see image 4 below).

Entering the Gallery – Mezzanine Level

The mezzanine level of the Gallery can be accessed via a staircase (with 20 steps and a landing half way) inside the gallery.

Alternatively, a nearby elevator can take visitors from the lower Gallery to the Mezzanine Gallery on the second floor. The elevator on the ground floor is in the hallway adjacent to the main entrance to the Gallery. The elevator doors are 90 cm wide. Elevator buttons are a minimum of 135 cm above the floor and may be difficult to reach for some people or certain kinds of wheelchairs – Gallery Attendants can assist with elevators. Take the elevator to the second floor.

Once on the second floor, the Gallery’s entrance will be directly to the left of the elevator door. This entrance is automated via a button. This door is 85 cm wide. This entrance takes you through a small office area with a minimum clearance of 100 cm to another door to access the gallery. This second door is also automated and is 85 cm wide. You will now be on the mezzanine level of the gallery.

Entering the Gallery – Exterior Side Entrance (#2 on map)

The Gallery can also be entered via an exterior entrance, located on the North side of the second floor of the Seton Academic Centre building. This entrance is not visible from the Bedford Highway but can be reached by turning right at the main driveway entrance to campus and following the road a short distance. There is a parking lot on the left side of the road and from there is a path to the Gallery. This entrance includes two doors leading to the mezzanine level of the Gallery. The exterior glass door measures 85 cm wide and is quite heavy. The interior white door has a door knob and measures 85 cm wide. Neither of these doors are automated.

**Google Maps and MSVU Campus maps will often direct visitors to this entrance, however it is not accessible and is not recommended should you require a barrier-free route to the gallery or accessible parking**

Arriving by Vehicle

At the top of the circular driveway loop, there is a drop-off zone located in front of the building’s main entrance. There are two accessible parking spots with curb cuts located to one side of the main entrance, near the drop-off zone in front of the entrance doors. Further past the accessible parking spots is a parking lot for non-accessible parking.

Arriving by Bus

MSVU Art Gallery is accessible by public transit, which is served by a number of routes both inbound to and outbound from Halifax. If you are arriving by bus outbound from Halifax, you will need to cross the Bedford highway once you’ve disembarked at the bus stop. There is a crosswalk with button-activated crossing lights to stop traffic. This is a very busy road so please be careful and ensure cars have stopped before you cross. When arriving by bus inbound to Halifax there is no need to cross the highway as you will exit the bus on the same side of the road as the Gallery. The sidewalks all have curb cuts in the appropriate places.

Once you are on the same side of the street as the Gallery, you will need to cross part of the university driveway (crosswalk seen in image). There is a moderately steep uphill slope to the building. To get to the top of the hill, there is a sidewalk path straight to the entrance of the building. This sidewalk also includes curb-cuts and crosswalks where the parking lot intersects the path. The path will end with a sidewalk which you will cross to arrive at the entrance to the building.