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Artistic Meditation

For this workshop, Amherst-based artist Lisette Sumbu will collaborate with and guide participating artists in identifying their creative inspiration and developing intention-setting skills, a practice that artists can continue to grow and share with others through their career. Lisette will connect with participants in advance of the workshop to discuss their individual artistic goals and challenges. She will then create unique meditations for each participant, tailored to their artistic medium, experience, skill level, strengths, and desired areas of improvement.

During the workshop, Lisette will guide participants through their meditations followed by an opportunity to express their creativity. Participants are invited to bring their art supplies, instruments or other creative materials to practice with during the second part of the workshop. This is an opportunity for artists to identify their own inspiration, focus on their goals, re-center intentions and be their own calm in any storm.

Lisette Sumbu is an activist, community organizer, singer/songwriter and poet. She will be publishing a children’s book series in 2021 and is currently diving into the world of film and screenwriting.

More information, access and location details will be shared with registered participants in advance of the workshop.


Saturday, October 10, 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Dickey Park
Amherst, NS