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MSVU Art Gallery Strike Communication

By February 13, 2024No Comments

Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association (MSVUFA) have declared their intent to strike on February 12 at 12:00pm. MSVU Art Gallery employees are not members of MSVUFA therefore the Gallery will remain open to the public during the labour disruption.


Access Note
Business hours and access to the Gallery will remain the same. There are three street entrances to the campus:
Seton Road, College Road and Melody Drive. For details on access please visit: Plan Your Visit Please note that the MSVUFA will be picketing at the College Road entrance.


What should I expect regarding picket lines?
With the MSVUFA having declared their intent to strike at 12:00 pm (noon) on February 12, 2024, picket lines are anticipated near (but not on) university property. The purpose of a picket line is for picketers to communicate their views. They have the right to do this, and they will do it by carrying signs and by speaking to people entering or leaving the property.

As a student or non-striking employee or community member, you have the right to cross a picket line. It is unlikely that you will have any difficulty crossing a picket line; we expect that all picket line interactions will be safe and respectful. You should expect that a picket line will result in a brief delay coming and going from campus.

Here are some tips for safely crossing a picket line:

  • Respect the picketers’ right to slow down traffic crossing the picket line (walking, biking, driving);
  • Drive carefully; wait for a space large enough to safely pass through the picket line;
  • Listen to those on the picket line;
  • Be calm and courteous;
  • Do not take comments or events personally;
  • Avoid arguments and confrontations;
  • Recognize that stress levels are high for everyone.

In the unlikely event that a safety concern arises, please contact Campus Security at 902-457-6412.
Should you have any questions about the Art Gallery, please contact Director, Melanie Colosimo: 902-457-6290 or