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Wall Painting by Stephen Fisher

May 17, 2006 - May 20, 2006

Year 2006

In dialogue with landscape painting traditions and the current mediascape, Fisher appropriates place-related data, such as migration routes and weather maps, into vibrant, layered compositions. The young Haligonian painter exhibited “Strange events in the invisible strata” at Eastern Edge, St. John’s, in Spring 2006.

The current wall painting is an expanded version of a small freehand copy of recomposed geological “block” diagrams downloaded from the Internet. The sampled diagrams have been allowed to collide visually, and are depicted in the process of exploding.

Fisher began the painting after partially erasing and painting out Michael Fernandes’ chalk inscriptions on a black wall (Room of Fears) in preparation for the next exhibition. The gallery encouraged him to exploit the opportunity to work large, on a scale that his current studio situation would not accommodate.

Impromptu exhibitions provide selected Nova Scotian artists with ample space and limited time to work on projects in the gallery. Visitors are welcome to watch the artist at work.