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Logotopia: The Library in Architecture, Art and the Imagination

January 17, 2009 - February 22, 2009

Year 2009

Organized by Cambridge Galleries, Ontario

Logotopia (from the Ancient Greek “logos”, meaning “word” and “topos”, meaning “place”) presents notable examples of library architecture, including Biblioteca Alexandria, Egypt (Snøhetta Architects); the Grande Bibliotheque, Montreal (Patkau Architects); the Hespeler Library, Cambridge (Alar Kongats Architects); and Library of a Poet, Japan (Shigeru Ban Architects). Also included are thematically related art, literature, and artefacts of popular culture.

The illustrated catalogue that accompanies the exhibition includes contributions by writers (Lise Bissonnette, Ray Bradbury, Alberto Manguel, Robert Jan van Pelt, Nora Young) and artists (Adam David Brown, Douglas Coupland, Denis Farley, Guy Laramée, Michael Lewis) as well as the featured architects.