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In 2004, Eye Level Gallery commissioned Paperwork30– a limited edition of 25 boxed sets, each containing one original work by each of 20 Halifax-affiliated artists—to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. MSVU acquired one set for its permanent collection, and the 20 framed works comprise the Windowbox exhibition, Paperworks. Photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, ink wash–the works span a diverse range of media, expertly handled by artists whose contributions exemplify thirty years of contemporary art practice in Halifax. The artists are: Lucie Chan, Peter Dykhuis, Cliff Eyland, Michael Fernandes, Suzanne Funnell, Leah Garnett, Suzanne Gauthier, Arthur Handy, Sarah Hartland-Rowe, Steve Higgins, Garry Neill Kennedy, Drew Klassen, Micah Lexier, Kelly Mark, Rita McKeough, Daniel Olson, Jan Peacock, Mathew Reichertz, Allison Rossiter, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby.