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June 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Artist: , , , ,
Year 2023 Organized by MSVU Art Gallery

About the Publication

Fracture/Suture is a print-based artist book showcasing the work and words of five artists at the intersection of first aid and art. Curator Undine Foulds offers a helpful guide of common first aid frameworks translated for artists and arts workers. The project proposes the idea of ‘wilderness’ as an internal and external reference: an environment that governs itself, where you’re reliant on the things you’ve carried with you, on ground that is uneven underfoot. Traveling through, one may encounter circumstances with potential to hurt, to injure. How can slips, blisters, and breaks and be mended? What helpful stitches connect torn tissue, and better yet, prevent more injury from the start?

Artist contributions by Kit Holden Ada, Lux Gow-Habrich, Liv Mansveld, Dan Merino, and Amber Santos
Design by Copy Shop Books
Illustrations by Undine Foulds
Published by MSVU Art Gallery

About the Curator

Undine Foulds is an interdisciplinary artist, facilitator, and curator of Métis and Irish decent. She knows home along the Kootenay River, the swah’netk’qhu/Columbia River, the Salish Sea, and is currently living with the North Atlantic Ocean, in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, where she received an Interdisciplinary BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2020. Motivated by doing things with and for others (collective art projects, backcountry hiking, tanning deer hides, or sharing dinner), she endeavors to connect more than keep separate. Undine often makes things out of clay and is more interested in what a vessel can contain than its name.

Undine was Halifax’s Young Curator, 2021-22, a position shared with Dalhousie Art Gallery, MSVU Art Gallery and Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, funded in part by Young Canada Works – Building Careers in Heritage.

How to get a copy

Fracture/Suture is available for free via the following ways:

  1. Pick up at MSVU Art Gallery during regular Gallery hours or by appointment
  2. Email with your mailing information and Gallery staff will send you a copy by post (while supplies last)
  3. Download a digital copy (screen-reader-friendly PDF)